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Kiwis Didn't fall in love with Pizza Until 1970s..

We can say that New Zealand has some of the best pizza in the world, and with these toppings, it's a no-brainer.

It's hard to imagine, but Kiwis once thought of pizza as "exotic" food. That all changed in 1974 when an individual opened the first Pizza restaurant here. Home delivery followed in the 1980s, eventually leading to all dine-in Pizza outlets closing for good in 2016.

New Zealand and pizza are two things that probably don't sound as though they'd make a likely pair. Still, over the last five decades or so, that statement has been woefully proven wrong. Pizza is very much part of New Zealand takeaway, and pizza is a well-loved favourite by locals and visitors alike. Flames Pizza has grabbed the trust of many kiwi's residing in Auckland by producing their own unique and delicious recipes for pizza's which blend the local taste buds. However, one style is still overwhelmingly popular: Traditional Italian-style.

When we think of pizza, it's not uncommon for many to believe first of the loaded pizza that the US is known. There is no end to the combinations that Flames "Make your Own Pizza" with nearly any topping imaginable from ham and pineapple to full-on meat lovers. Flames Pizza has indulged their customers with various options blended in the right sense throwing in options such as a cheeseburger, Salads, and many sides to choose. It has become a world full of possibilities for kiwis to get the excellent pizza's at one of Auckland's leading Pizza Joint "Flames Pizza". While the US continues to expand and fuse options, New Zealand has its take on traditional - and it's unique but delicious.

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